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      100 µg

    免疫动物:兔免疫原:Synthetic peptide corresponding to aa 20-34 of human Bcl-2.应用:Immunohistochemistry:冷冻切片:5µg/ml;不需预处理。石蜡切片:2.5µg/ml;推荐用压力锅进行抗原修复。For both: DAB detection. Intestine or human lymph node can be used as positive control, brain tissue as negative control (only random cells will stain for Bcl-2 in brain tissue).Western Blot: 5µg/ml; ECL detection. MCF-7 cells can be used as a positive control, normal rabbit IgG as negative control.Titration is recommended for optimal results in individual systems.特异性:Recognizes human, mouse and opossum Bcl-2. This antibody is particularly useful for the determination of Bcl-2 expression levels in species other than human.。