DNAgard® Blood Tube Biomatrica

DNAgard® Blood Tube

More cost effective than EDTA DNAgard® Blood Tube
  • Optimized for DNA methylation, PCR and NGS assays
  • Preserve and Maintain Sample Integrity for 3 months
  • Compatible with multiple extraction/purification techniques
  • Compatible with all downstream applications
LBgard Blood Tube

DNAgard® Blood Tube is designed for the collection, preservation and shipping of whole blood samples for genomic DNA isolation. The preservative reagent rapidly permeates cellular structures and membranes (cell lysis) to stabilize and protect genomic DNA in whole blood samples. The use of DNAgard Blood Tube provides a streamlined workflow from blood collection in the clinic or field to sample processing in the laboratory.

DNAgard Blood Tube - 14 months at room temperature
  • Collect, ship and preserve DNA in blood under optimal conditions
  • Recover high quality DNA (high MW fragments)
  • Recover quantitative DNA (yield)

Boykyo Product Name Pack Size Catalog Number
Cell-Free DNA Kit 6-Tube Box (10 mL) 691012
Cell-Free DNA Kit 100-Tube Box (10 mL) 691013
Cell-Free DNA Kit 1000-Tube Box (10 mL) 691015
Cell-Free DNA Kit 6-Tube Box (2 mL) 691212
Cell-Free DNA Kit 100-Tube Box (2 mL) 691213

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