Methyltransferase HT activity kit _价格-厂家-供应商-WAKO和光纯药(和光纯药工业株式会社)

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    Universal – suitable for any SAM-dependent MT Flexible – add desired amount of SAM Sensitive – fluorescent detection allows for both DNA and protein assays Simple – homogeneous mix-and-read plate-based assay The Methyltransferase HT activity kit is a homogeneous mix-and-read fluorescent assay for the determination of any S-adenosyl-L-methionine (AdoMet/SAM) dependent methyltransferase activity. It is suitable for end-point or kinetic read options, which is ideal for determining mechanism of action, kinetics, and screening candidate compounds. This kit is ideal for high throughout (HT) applications as the SAM is provided separately giving you the flexibility to titrate the SAM to be in excess for your specific MT of interest. This is ideal for driving kinetics of low turnover enzymes and getting more utility by using less precious sample.



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